The Reality

Depression isn’t always alone at 3am with tear stains on your pillow. Its also 3pm, when you’re with all your friends, mid laugh when suddenly you go silent. Sometimes it sneaks up on you, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s always been there, lurking in the shadows. You know it’s there, but you cant fight it. It’s like talking to your broken bones, telling them to heal. When the moment is right, it swallows you whole,and everything you ever loved gets swallowed too. You learn to want the sadness, you crave it. It’s the only feeling that you have left. The only … Continue reading The Reality

Love through Senseless Pain

How long is this going to last? Is it something that I’m doing wrong? Am I not praying hard enough? Am I too broken to matter? Am I unheard every time I open my mouth? When the world keeps crumbling down on my shoulders, I feel as if I am too weak to handle everything. Why is nothing changing when I’m trying my best to make the world better? I’ve been so shaken with death these last 2 years. It’s started with the loss of a dear friend of mine through an overdose. A friend who I had known from … Continue reading Love through Senseless Pain

Beautiful Senses

How beautiful would it be if we could run away from time? Miles and miles away from our favorite moments changing? To live in our best experienced moments? To sit down and remember every embrace your body ever felt, every safe whisper of certainty and healthy recognition. To remember the milk and honey of your childhood. How safe would you feel if we pause this moment? Everybody wishes they could freeze time in your most precious moments. Well, lets just be content with this moment we have, because it will fade, move to the next moment, and the next. Slowly … Continue reading Beautiful Senses